8 Casino Facts that will Amaze You

Casino Facts

There are more online casino platforms available today than there are brick-and-mortar casinos. The casino operators are finding new ways to influence the mass into learning about the casino games and trying out their luck. Before you step into the world of casinos and gambling, you should get some idea about what casinos are all about. Here are ten facts about casinos that will amaze you.

Slots are fruit machines

Slots are fruit machines

If you find someone referring to a slot machine as a fruit machine, he is right. Slot machines were first used to give our flavored chewing gums, known as fruit machines. You can still see slot machines having symbols of apples, oranges, and other fruits.

The devil’s game

Roulette is also popular as the devil’s game in the gambling community. This is because the numbers on the roulette wheel add up to a total of 666, which is also the devil’s number. However, there are no magical powers on the wheel, and one can win honest rewards in roulette.

The first online casino

The first online casino that hit the internet was a platform developed by Microgaming. In 1994, they launched the first online card and slot games on the online casino platform that did not give us real money.

The one-armed bandits

Did you know that the early slot machines were known as the one-armed bandits because they had a level that players needed to pull to spin the reels? The machines were fair, but the idea that slots take money from the players than rewarding them made people call it the one-armed bandit.

The average age of players

The average age of professional players in casino gambling is between 30 and 40 years. It is mostly because players below the age of 18 are not allowed inside the casinos. Players in their 30s are professional athletes in gambling, similar to chess players.

Men prefer skills, and women prefer chances

It is found that more men are more inclined towards playing games where they can influence the outcome using their skills. On the other hand, women prefer games that are reliant on RNG and offer better chances. However, no game is considered preserved for one gender only.


The biggest win

The biggest jackpot ever rewarded to a single-player was $21.7 million. The Mega Moolah progressive slot machine gave it away. The player started with a bet of 75 cents and beat this progressive slot to win over 21 million on a single day. The incident took place at the Grand Mondial online casino on Sep 28, 2018.

Card counting does not work online

If you think the casinos did not plan the solution for card counting before introducing blackjack on the internet, you are wrong. Online blackjack games use the card-shuffling strategy to keep the games safe from card counters. The cards get shuffled after every round, which makes it impossible for anyone to count the cards as a strategy to win.

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